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I just recently discovered OpenLP, and I must say that the first impression is really good!

I would like to import a Bible into OpenLP through CSV files. I am very famailiar with Microsoft Excel, and was hoping not having to install any extra programs on my computer to achieve thos. I've been searching around, but I have not been able to find out anywhere how to set up the two CSV files. I somewhere in the manual found a link to a page showing the syntax, but the link took me to a page that doesn't exist.

So: how are the two CSV supposed to be set up?




  • Hi René.

    Have you tried following the instructions at Are you getting a particular error message?
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    Thanks for your reply.
    Your link works fine, but that's not the problem. The link I refer to might have been in the wiki - I don't remember...

    However, my problem is figuring out how the CSV files should be set up! What information should each of the CSV files contain, and in what order?
    I understand that in a previous version of OpenLP, Bible import from CSV was from one CSV file only, and somewhere I found information on what order the CSV file was to be set up (book, chapter,verse,text). But in version 2 OpenLP asks for two CSV files, and I am looking for how these files should be set up...

  • I see. Do you have a particular translation of the Bible in a format that OpenLP can't import?

    Look at This will generate the files you need from an XML file such as the ones from OpenSong. The verses file contains something like "b, c, v, t" where b is the number of the book, c is the chapter, v is the verse, and t is the text of the verse. The books file contains "b, tt, n" where b is the number of the book, tt is the number of the testament (old or new), and n is the name of the book. I was able to import the converted files into OpenLP but I had to manually confirm the name of each book.
  • Hi René, which Bible are you trying to import? Someone in the community may know where to find one that is either already in OpenLP format, or in an easily importable format.
  • Carl:
    Thanks, that was great help! Will try that.

    I am interested in the norwegian version Norsk Bibel 88 (2007 revision). My intention is to grab it electronically from a norwegian site, process it through Excel, and output as CSV files.

    If someone has it already, that's great!
  • Hi René, 

    I live in Sweden I and have managed to import the two major Swedish translations "Svenska Folkbibeln" and "Bibel 2000" in XML format. The XML format is very simple as the following example (from the start of the file, Genesis):

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
     <b n="Första Moseboken">
      <c n="1">
       <v n="1">I begynnelsen skapade Gud himmel och jord.</v>
       <v n="2">Jorden var öde och tom, och mörker var över djupet. Och Guds Ande svävade över vattnet.</v>
       <v n="3">Gud sade: "Varde ljus!" Och det blev ljus.</v>


    I.e. "b"="book", "c"="chapter" and "v"="verse". I'm using "OpenSong" as format in the Bible importer, works fine. In what format will you get the Norwegian Bible? Is it CSV or maybe some XML format?

  • Arlee: Have you seen the docs: ?

    They're generated from the doc strings in the code, so might be a little technical, but it sounds like your clued up!
  • I recently bought a new lap top and when I put in the Open LP I had the King James bible and ASV bible.  Previously I had the ASV and NASB versions which came with downloading Open LP the first time.  Our Pastor uses the NASB version.  So, I have two questions:

    1.  Does Open LP have the NASB bible in a data base we can access?

    2.  If not, then, I assume I have to download the NASB version to my computer before trying to import it into Open LP, yes?  Which prompts a 3rd question:

    3.  Which site is best for finding the NASB that I can download and will easily be imported to Open LP.  OpenSong, or what?

    I really need something simple here.  I have simple program knowledge.

    I would appreciate any help.

    Thank you.

  • Hi Steve,

    OpenLP doesn't come with the NASB, we only distribute Bibles we have the rights to. You might have found it on the OpenSong site.
  • Actually, I've never downloaded a bible.  I went back to my old lap top that I replaced a couple months ago and NASB is there and I got it when I loaded Open LP the first time a 2 plus years ago.  But, that really doesn't matter.  And, as I type this, I'm not sure the previous A/V guy didn't have it and put it on my lap top.  That's probably it.

    Anyway, I've been too concerned about trying to download and set up other bible versions.  But, not that you mentioned "OpenSong" I will try.  The directions aren't simple enough for me, but, I also know I can't mess it up.  It would be nice if the directions stated what formats for what operating systems.

    Regardless though, I really appreciate all that you and OpenLP folks do.  I really can't thank you enough.
  • Raoul, I've been trying on Open Song to down load and install the NASB version.  It is now in Open Song, but, I'm unable to export it to OpenLP.  Do I need to buy a power point version of NASB?  I don't mind doing that, but, I would want to buy an OpenLP compatible version.

    Any suggestions?  From ANYONE??
  • Hi Oregonion101,

    Start off by downloading the bible. The OpensSong bibles are compressed in a zip file. Double click it to open it  and click "File" and the "Extract All". Click "Next" and then "Browse". Click "Desktop" from the list and the click "OK". Now click "Next" and wait. Click "Finish"

    Now start OpenLP. Once OpenLP has started click "File" and then go to "Import" and click "Bible". The import wizard should start. Click "Next". Select "OpenSong" from the "Format" drop down box.  Click the folder icon to the left of the "Bible file" text box. Click "Desktop" and then find and click "NASB.xmm". Click "Open". Click "Next" and enter the "Version Name" and "Copyright" information. Click "Next"

    Select "English" from the "Language" drop down box and click "OK". OpenLP should now begin importing the bible. This will take a few minutes. When that is done click "Finish".

    All being well you should be able to access the bible in OpenLP
  • Have you seen the section in our user guide on importing Bibles?
  • I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find a compatible "The Message Bible," or "The Amplified Bible," or "The God's Word bible?"
  • tech9guru, the amplified and the message are available here:
  • Please can some one upload an example of .csv file to import Bible. Trying to bring my Local Language (Yoruba, Nigeria) into OpenLP or if anyone has it can you please share.

    Thanks and God Bless
  • Hi tobsowo,

    You'll need 2 csv files, one with a book list, and one with the verses, but it is all in the docs.
  • Does anyone know where to get a CSV version of 'The Good News' translation - this is the main version we use at our church. I have tried searching teh web but nothing
  • Hi djdavidp,

    I don't think it is available for download due to copyright, but when in OpenLP you can use it as a "Web Download", see

  • I have looked through the list of English bibles on OpenSong, but can't find the NIV. Is there another name for it?
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