Importing songs from original Free Worship - basic .txt files

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Hey everyone,

I really like the look of OpenLP, and would love to start using it. The only problem is that I cannot currently import our songs, and would love some help.
We currently use software called "Free Worship" created by Lee Wright from Intercoast back in 2004. Each song is an individual .txt file with a very basic structure. Basically first line is the song title, second line is Author, third line is Copyright and then leave a black line before the first slide. Then is the first verse/paragraph and leave a blank line when you want to have the second slide and so on.

Here are some examples: and Majesty.txt

Can anyone give me advice or help?

Thanks in advance,


  • Hi Stuart,

    I tried using the Generic Document/Presentation song importer (see and this worked, however the importer adds the Title, Author and Copyright as the first verse.

    This should get all your songs in to OpenLP, once there, it shouldn't be too much work to just tidy up the songs as you use them.

    Do you have a link to a website for "Free Worship"?
  • Thanks for the advice Phill. I cannot find any trace of the software or information about it online. I'll upload the setup files for you after work today.

    With the generic importer, how hard would it be to program it to import using first line as title, second line as author and so on for our purposes?
  • It wouldn't be that hard if you're already running OpenLP from source. Its just time more than anything!

    I've had a quick play with the OpenSongImporter ( ) this can be set up to import your song files to OpenSong format. From there you can import the OpenSong files in to OpenLP.

    If you have problems doing this zip all your songs and send them to and I can convert them for you.
  • Stuart,

    I should add that it would be good to have the set up files, but only if they are trials, or if the licence permits.

    We may consider adding an importer for these in the future.
  • Hi Stuart,

    We have not received your files. Have you managed to convert them?
  • Hey Phill,

    Thanks so much for the help. Got it all worked out using the OpenSongImporter that you mentioned.
    Here are the setup files for Free Worship if you are still interested. I'm pretty sure it is Freeware.

    Thanks again,
  • Hello,

    Glad I found this post. We have been using FreeWorship since 2006 and it always worked very nice.
    But technically it is outdated and Openlp looks much better, thanks for the beautiful product!!
    When I try to import my FreeWorship songs using OpenSongImporter, thanks for the link by the way, I have one problem.
    I would like to use the filename of the FreeWorship-song, minus the .txt extension, as the title, but I can't find how I can do that in OpenSongImporter, does anyone know how to do this?

  • I found the solution to my problem.
    After starting OpenSongImporter I chose the TXT format.
    Then in the Title section I selected line 0 and in the Chords section I selected No Chords.
    After those few selections I could Batch import al the songs which I then imported in OpenLP.
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