Display CCLI information on *every* slide?

Hi, I'm a very new user to OLP. I've searched the forum, and I think that I have found a thread, from 2011, which mentions what I'm asking about. I'm just not sure if the feature is on the roadmap.

Do we have to display the CCLI information on every (song) slide? Certainly in Australia, where I live, it isn't a legal requirement to do so. I would appreciate having the option to turn off this display. The congregation where I serve and also other presenters on the roster are all used to having the information displayed on only the last slide and that tells them that we've come to the end of the song.

Thanks, Andrew


  • Hi Andrew,

    I remember reading a similar thread a while ago. It's a reasonable option to request but in our church there's no guarantee that the last slide will be shown, simply because the worship leader might spontaneously decide to only do the chorus or skip the last verse. A nice alternative would be to display the licence info on the first displayed slide, whichever it is, or for a short time (e.g. 1 minute). That would ensure that the notice is always displayed regardless of the order of verses in a given service. It's probably a bit tricky to do...

  • Hi Carl, 
    Yes, I can see why my preference wouldn't work in your situation.

    In the two places that I will use OLP, the musos are very predictable. We rehearse a particular song structure and stick rigidly to that. 

    I think that the best option would be preference setting: 
    Display copyright info on first song slide only
    Display copyright info on last song slide only
    Display copyright info on all song slides
  • Can I add my vote to the suggestion to makes the footer selectable as per AndrewK's suggestion. We used to use Powerpoint and only had the footer on the last slide. I ended up having to put a (C) at the end of the last line on the last slide to visually show the musicians that this was the last slide! 
  • I am looking for this feature as well.  An option to have the copyright info on the first or last slide of the song.
  • Is there any progress, or comment on this from developers, please?
  • Currently there is nobody working on this feature, but that does not mean it won't be added, since it is regularly requested. We are currently in a feature-freeze for 2.4, so it wont be in that release, but maybe in the next.
  • Thanks for the reply, tgc.

    Good to know where we're up to.

  • Yeah, herewith I give my vote to this feature as well. I'm looking forward to it.
  • I would also be really happy if this opportunity came.
    Like AndrewK, I'm having trouble with those playing - they only want the information on the last slide so they can see when the song is over.
    Here's almost a year after the last post, is there any progress now?
  • No. We're volunteers working in our spare time. We do what we can when we can. There are other bigger things on our plates at the moment. This is a well known feature request, we're well aware of it.
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