CCLI numbers should not appear on non-CCLI licensed songs

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When you specify a CCLI number in the Settings dialog box, it will appear at the bottom of every song when it is projected. For some of the songs at my church, this is incorrect, because not all of our songs are licensed under CCLI. e.g. Hymns which are out of copyright, songs written by people in the congregation or songs licensed by other copyright organisations. Solution: Each song needs to have a field to indicate whether it uses the CCLI licence.


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    I must admit, I agree with your comment here (2 years later).

    We have permission from several songwriters we have personal connections with to use their songs (as I'm sure many of you do), and it's a little silly to have a CCLI number after their songs in this usage.

    Also with songs that are out of copyright or author unkown this problem rears it's head again!


    That said. This is not a biggie. There's plenty of much more important things to do, but if it's not a great deal of programming then I'd love to see it altered.



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    Hi Mark,

    I just want to clarify that you do not have to display the CCLI song ID at all. The CCLI terms and conditions require you to display the number of your CCL license but not the song ID. Displaying the license number means that your church does hold a license - whether or not this particular song can be used without a license or not.

    You might want to have a look at this video clip:



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