Matrox Dual/Triple head2go

Does anyone know if the Matrox Dual or Triple head is compatible with openlp and ow  hard would it be to setup. works in EZW, and would like to be able to use it now in OLP. Any help would be greatly appreciated'


  • Hi Gregg,
    As I understand to Matrox Dual is "just" a piece of hardware that adds support for multiple monitors, right? As such OpenLP should be able to use these monitors just fine. But why don't you just install OpenLP and try it out, after all it is free :)
  • tgc: and all others
    thanks for the quick response 
    I am  already Using OLP did not want to purchase a piece of equipment that we could not use. I am looking for specific info on how to split 3 screens, ie what we see in the booth as to what the congregation sees and what the pastor see from the pulpit.
  • Could anyone follow up this question? I'm looking at a similar setup to GreggyLee
  • As far as I know OpenLP only makes use of two screens, so having a third or fourth screen would be of no use to OLP.
  • It's not about what OLP needs, It's about what it can do. I know it's capable of much more than it is
  • The slide controllers in the main interface have a little viewer that shows you what's on the projector. Does that not work for you?
  • Roul
    To answer your question yes and no;
    We have four screens in the house. The Pulpit ( or front of house) that  the congregation sees, the back of house that the pastor and musicians on the platform see, an active monitor in the sound booth and mothers room that show the same as front of house and the screen that runs OLP.  We need to be able to show music with chords for the musicians and pastors notes on back of house screen. While the mothers room would get everything including powerpoint slides and still have our active monitor in the sound booth. Hence the need for 3 separate screens. We have a Linux programmer that has rewritten some of the code for the separate outputs, but have not yet figured hoe to channel them. 
  • Why don't you use OpenLPs Stage View for the screen in back of the room and the Live View for the mothers room? See the manual for details:
    If you have a the screens all connected to the same computer you can simply put a browser on each screen, or alternatively setup a small computer with a browser. The views does have some limitations (like no video), but should be ok for most use.
    Seems a lot simpler that starting to modify the code - though we welcome contributions! 
  • That is an idea worth looking into, it may work until we can figure something else out. My coder won't be back until sept 5, so contributions will likely be forthcoming.
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