Print not working in 2.4

Hi there,

I bring up the print dialogue in 2.4 (a Windows 10 machine). It pops up as per usual, but clicking on the print button gives me nothing (the cover and click animations work but nothing pops up.) Clicking the x to close the window does not work either (but it does close with esc). 

Is anybody else having this issue?

Sunday's setlist was printed by doing a screengrab! 



  • Just an update to this, print in 2.4 on my Mac is not working wither. Exactly the same issue.... clicking on the print button is completely unresponsive. Is this somehow a problem that just I am having? Perhaps a database issue that has messed with my print (I have disabled my custom serviceprint style sheet, previews ok but still no joy)
  • I had never tried this feature, but it seems to not work just as you describe.
  • Thanks so much for trying. I do appreciate that. Might not just be me then.
    Perhaps this is one of those "broken in 2.4" things?
  • I'm sorry to say that this is something that is broken in OpenLP 2.4.
    We are aware of the issue and are looking into it. You can follow the progress here:
  • Thanks so much for the update. I'm assuming there is some way that I can manually add the printsupport\windowsprintersupport.dll file to provide an interim fix? Ability to print is quite important to our Sunday workflow.

    Seems we are not the only ones to have this issue in moving to Qt5:
  • I also had the same problem. My workaround (on Mac) was to select Print from the File menu. Then in the next screen (where Print does not work), click on Copy. This will copy the service to the clipboard and then you can paste it into a word processor and then print it from the word processor. You lose the formatting with this solution, but at least you have something to work with. I don't know if this works on Windows.
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    I'm not sure if this is related but on version 2.4.6 on Windows I can print the service fine but I am unable to use any of the 'print options' like print slide text and notes. That part is just blank. I also use OpenLP on macOS and Linux and think it was fine there (It looks bare because i've tried reinstalling to make it work)ust blank
  • That's strange.  Do you have at least 1 printer installed?  What Windows did you test on?

    I just tested on OpenLP 2.4.6 on Windows 10, and I could print the service file.  We have no physical printers, but I was able to successfully use the built-in "Microsoft Print to PDF" printer and generate a PDF file.  Note: It seems that the custom footer text is ignored.

    Side note: I also tested the Copy as HTML button and pasted/saved an HTML file.  When I opened it in Chrome, all the images were broken.  I looked into the HTML source and found the images were all coded like this:
    <img src=":/plugins/plugin_images.png" />
    Which, of course, isn't valid HTML.  A colon is invalid in a filepath on Windows, except to denote a drive letter.  And the icons OpenLP uses are embedded within other files, I believe, and not directly accessible as stand-alone files.
  • @milon, that's correct, ":/..." references an internal image within OpenLP
  • Yeah, I figured that was the case. When exporting to HTML, I think it could just skip the images or else label each item with a word instead (Songs, Bibles, etc like in the library).
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