How to change the path to get backtrack file

Version of OpenLP
Operating system
Windows 10
How do I go about to change the default path in openlp if i want to save my openLP tracks in another file/another destination? My problem is when I add a new song. When I must assign the music/a track, it opens the file on the default OpenLp folder. I do not keep my music/backtracks in the default OpenLp folder. So, it causes a lot of extra clicking everytime I want to select the backtrack. I would love to change this default to my music/backtrack folder, without having to go through all the ropes to select the right folder everytime. :) It is easy to change the default data folder, since it is done in the advanced options tab. But I do not see any such preference for the music folder. Please help me, Maybe I just misses something stupid to do!


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