Custom Stage View

Operating system
Windows 10
Good evening,

I am looking for a custom stage view that not only shows the current PowerPoint slide and notes but also a fairly large view (not just the title) of the next up slide. I do not know code to know if this is even possible to customize, so before I go look for someone who can code, I wanted to see if that was possible to do. 



  • Bumping this in case someone is able to answer this for me. :-)
  • The current stage view does not work with PowerPoint only Songs and Custom as it uses the text entered.
    For Powerpoint we use Powerpoint or LibreOffice to run the displays so it would not be easy to find consistently the next slide.
    There is a different view which may help a bit.  /main shows an image of the actual display so works with all displays except video.  Change /stage to /main and see if this helps 
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