Can not use Chorus and Pre-chorus due to naming

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Hello guys,

I would like to use Chorus and Pre-Chorus but I can not, because Verse, Chorus and Pre-Chorus are all abbreviated as P1. (See the screenshot)
If I use P1 then in the Live view I only get Verse1.

I know I can use "Other 1, Other 2..." but then all those namings like "Chorus, Pre-chorus, Verse" become useless.
Is there anything that can be done or should I post a bug report?

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  • Hi Moo. Are you using a particular language in OpenLP? I'm using English, and my Verse is "V", my Chorus is "C" and my Pre-chorus is "P"
  • Yes. I am using Lithuanian language in this case.
  • Ah, then it is probably the fault of the translator. We don't actually translate OpenLP, we rely on the community for that. If you'd like to help out, take a look at our project on Transifex (you'll need to create an account):

  • MooMoo
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    Ok. Actually I am the one who translated OpenLP :smile: .
    I think the problem here is that in english there is Verse, Chorus, Bridge, Pre-Chorus, Intro, Ending, Other. (all starting with different letters: V, C, B, P, I, E, O).
    In my native language there is Posmelis, Priegesmis, Tiltelis, Prieš-priegesmis, Įžanga, Pabaiga, Kita. (some of them starting with the same letter: P, P, T, P, Į, P, K
    So I think the program assigns the first letter and a number and that is why in some cases I get duplicated P1.

    So what would be your advice? Should I revert those namings to english or report this issue to developers?
  • Thank you for translating OpenLP! We really appreciate it.

    I just had a peek at the code, and you are right, OpenLP uses the first letter of the word. Unfortunately that means that we'd need to change the code to fix the problem.

    Of course then if we change it, what do we do? What system would work for you? How would you like to see it implemented?
  • That is tough question. I understand that this is something that should be easy to do. So the only thing I can think of is example from Easyslides (see screenshot, red rectangle), kind of two list boxes.
    That way program can use the whole name of part of the song (Chorus, Verse etc.) and the user doesn't have to type the names and numbers because they appear automatically in the first list and he can add them many times to the sequence list and move them up/down or remove from it.
    Although I am not sure whether it is easy to implement it.
    Sorry I can not code, so do not have any experience on how to solve these type of problems. :smile: 
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  • Don't worry about coding, I can do that :smile: I'm looking for ideas on what would be easy to understand, and easy to use. I've personally tried to come up with a better way than our current edit box, and never really came up with anything that seemed easier to use and understand.

    Your example has given me an idea. Let me try a few things.

    Unfortunately all I can say for now is to use OpenLP in English rather.
  • Great! Thank you raoul for all your responses and for taking care of this issue!
    And thank you guys for all the work you have already done with OpenLP. :wink: 
  • A comment from the sideline: I love how the OLP communtiy works. Together we find solutions and share ideas! I am an OLP translator myself, and this discussion shed some light on how the translations work. I checked the Norwegian translation, and luckily we don't have the same problem.
    Thank you Raoul and the OLP team!
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