OpenLP skips first slide when moving to next service item

edited December 2016 in Troubleshooting
Operating system
Windows 10

I am using OpenLP for less than a week and I like it (thanks for making the software free). 

I am trying to prepare my first worship and I have a little problem - when moving to next service item (right arrow) cursor changes for a second (indicating something was loaded) and nothing happens. Then, when I press down arrow, presentation moves to next service item, but first slide of the item is visible only for the second, then it automatically goes to the second slide (the first one is skipped). 

I have found a little workaround - I am adding an empty slide on the beginning of the every song - but isn't there a way to make this work as expected?


EDIT: second problem - this doesn't work, when next item is image. It won't swith to this image at all...


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