Remote Stage and Main views are laggy. Any way to speed that up?

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I'm interested in the Stage View component of OpenLP.  In my limited testing, sometimes the words on the stage view computer change right when they change on the slide.  However, sometimes there seems to be a couple second delay.  When I tested the remote Main view, that seemed to have an even longer delay.

Is there any way to make those remote views update faster?  I don't know if they are hard coded to check for updates every so often or if when I change the slides it pushes the new info to the remote viewers or what but just thought I'd ask.  It's not as big of a deal for the Stage View since that one shows the current and next verses together but I wanted to see about using the Main view as a secondary display in our sanctuary.  But that won't work if the lyrics are behind for obvious reasons.



  • Hi,

    Currently the stage and main view polls the server every half second, so if the update rate is slower that that then the issue might be that the client/browser or the network is slow...
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    I'm also having this problem but to more of an extreme, since I've updated to 2.4 I've noticed that my devices don't always update. My pastor uses PP within OpenLP and so I have him using the android app on phone to advance slides and his kindle using silk web browser to see what is supposed to be behind him, but his browser isn't updating every time. I was going to try going back to 2.2 next week, I'll update on how it goes. (unless there is something else I can try)

    edit: I've also checked with my own devices - phone with both chrome and android app in live view, same issue. Only thing I haven't check is apps stage view
  • We do have a better system in the pipeline, but it is a HUGE overhaul, and might only make it into OpenLP 2.8.
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