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Hello Everyone,

Being a developer, and too curious by nature, I volunteered myself into improving my church's AV setup. Really blessed to find OpenLP. Gave it a try the other night, and was very impressed! Not just by the quality of product, but also the general setup and workflow. Great work!

To business...

The church's current machine is XP. Time for something new. Is the MINIX NEO Z83-4 too underpowered? I read the minimum requirements, but 2Ghz is pretty general. 2Ghz of a sixth gen. Core isn't the same as 2Ghz of a P4. I think I get why the specs are so general, this doesn't seem like a terribly demanding app. But, before I go purchase something, I'd like some comments by people who have more experience with the app.

This machine is passively cooled, has AC WiFi and 1gbps ethernet. Two display ports, one HDMI and one mini-DP (though, it doesn't support DP --> HDMI. Have to go DP --> VGA, but that's OK for the monitor). 4GB of RAM. It has a x5-Z8300 CPU. I can split the TRRS headphone jack for stereo output and mono in (good enough to record sermons). One USB3 for an external 4TB HD that they'll never fill, one USB2 for a webcam to stream the service on YouTube Live, two USB2s for keyboard and mouse.

I know it is very likely nobody else has tried this particular model, and perhaps even this particular CPU. I know the only way to know is try it and see. But, I'm hoping somebody has some experience pushing the minimum requirements. A number of the posts I found were about older machines, that were probably middle of the road when they came out. I'm wanting to know about modern low-end setups.



  • Hey Stephen,

    That machine looks like it would work fine. I have used OpenLP on a Mac Mini which has 4GB RAM and an older model dual core i5. I'm pretty sure that MINIX will pack more of a punch.
  • Hi Stephen
    If you do give it a try, please post back with your experience, it looks like a good low cost space saving option.

    We're still running OpenLP 2.2 on a mid-range Dell Laptop I bought back in June 2007 and it still runs fine, so I would hope that hardware 9 1/2 years newer would also run it fine.
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    OpenLP really isn't that demanding.

    I think the real bottleneck for church AV system would be
    the lack of horsepower to run full HD videos, but pretty much
    all of today's computers can run them.

    The item description for MINIX NEO Z83-4  includes:
    • "Multi-Purpose PC – Excellent Thin Client Solution or Home Theater PC. Equipped with Dual Output display ports (Mini DP and HDMI) and supports up to 4K @ 30fps."
    so you should even be able to blast in 4K videos if need be,
    thou they are still relatively rare in church services.
  • Thanks, everyone! I bought it, so we'll see how it goes. I'll report back on my findings and thoughts. If worst comes to worst, I'll just keep it as a new media machine and get the church something else.
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