Option to choose a PNG transparent image in the theme background

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We want to display a live video  in the background and display the bible verses on the right whenever the preacher reads the Bible. In order to accomplish that all I need is to be able to use a transparent PNG image in the theme with a transparent brackground color.

I have manually tried to edit the theme.xml file and add all the transparent options I know in HTML, but none of them worked.


<background type="image">
    <borderColor>rgba(0, 0, 0, 0)</borderColor>


<background type="image">

Transparent attribute

<background type="image">

Can someone help?

Thanks in advanced.


  • @machadoug that's not going to work because you're not inside a traditional browser.

    What you probably want to do is use a transparent theme, and then use some composting in VLC (or a similar app) with your live feed, and place it behind OpenLP's display window.
  • @raul, Thanks for your reply.

    The problem is that I only work with IT in our church, the regular user who uses OpenLP wants to use the least softwares as possible and to work as easy as possible, because there are many things that can go wrong when we start to reply on so many different apps. Also, I'm having a hard time to migrate to OpenLP because they are used to using DataSoul (which you can have a template with transparent background+png image).

    If possible, I'd appreciate if OpenLP themes had an option to display a theme with an image, but without a background color.
    Can that feature be added to feature request list?

    Thanks again for your hard work,
  • If you don't have a background colour, then what do you have? Remember, we're rendering on a canvas, you eventually have a background somewhere that you have to change.
  • We stream the video to Facebook and in our case we have the vMix output video as a live background, but we what to have a transparent image, so half of the final output will be the live video and the rest will be the Bible verses.

    It's not something we must have, but would be nice to have.

    Thanks for your help
  • Machadoug, did you ever get this figured out?  There's a workaround solution that would allow you to do exactly what you're suggesting:

    Create a .png file with the portions transparent that you want transparent.

    Create a formatting tag that serves to display the .png file you just created:

    <img src="yourimage.png">

    Create a custom slide that only includes that tag:

    {yourtag} {/yourtag}

    Set the theme of the custom slide to transparent.  Drag that custom slide into your service and it should work perfectly.
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