A video loaded into OpenLP won't play when the .onz file is reloaded!

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Version of OpenLP
2_4_1 - 2_4_5
Operating system
Windows 10
When we load a video into an OpenLP 'service script' (if that's the correct term) file, it plays ok, but when the file is closed and re-opened (whether OpenLP is also closed and re-started or not), it doesn't, necessitating removing the video and re-adding it. If it's a matter up upgrading OpenLP, fine, but any other suggestions? [Note: I can't remember the exact OpenLP version installed - need to check]


  • We've been using Windows 10 + latest OpenLP for a little over a year now, and we haven't seen this issue with playing video files.

    We use VLC in OpenLP to play video. What's your video player?

    Also, what's a .onz file? Do you perhaps mean .osz / .oszl?
  • milon,yes, sorry, .osz (typo!!). Will need to check the video player again, but if I recall, I did have a problem with configuring VLC directly as the player (it was hanging), so I used the "system" option, but set VLC as the Windows (10) default. Maybe I need to uninstall VLC and try again.
  • If the video plays without being in the service, try using the oszl format. osz puts the entire video in a database and that can be an issue due to size. Just a thought.
  • FYI, to create an oszl file, you have to start with a new (empty) service and when you save it, change the file type from osz to oszl. You cannot convert an existing osz to oszl.
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