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I'm working in Portuguese for which there is apparently no spell check dictionary. That's not a big loss, but having almost all the words redlined makes it harder to read the words while editing. This is always true, but especially with words with a c cedilha (ç). Is there really no way to turn off the spell checker entirely?


  • Hi jon, I'm afraid it seems not. Honestly, I thought there was, but I've just checked and I can't find it either. We will definitely add the option into the next version of OpenLP.

    By the way, what languages do you see? (I'm not a Windows person, so I don't know what you can see)
  • @raoul, on Win 10 with OpenLP 2.4 I can see the following languages:

    Is there any way to add languages?  We've recently begun adding some custom slides with Spanish and that doesn't seem to be an option currently.
  • Yes, those are the languages showing on my computer as well. And thanks for the reply, raoul, I'm looking forward to the next version.

    Incidentally, one of the things I appreciate about this program is that it's the only one I'm aware of that actually supports Libreoffice presentations.
  • I'm sure we can look into adding more dictionaries.
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