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Is there a way to delete old saved services that we don't need anymore?  I searched through the discussions and searched the manual, but couldn't find an answer.  If I go to Program Files (x86) -> OpenLP, the services aren't listed.


  • Yes, you can delete them. Like any other document or file in Windows, you have to know where you have saved it first. Check the Documents library - I believe that's the default location.

    Alternatively, you can run OpenLP and go to File -> Open, and then Right click -> Delete on any old service files you can see.
  • Thanks, I'll give that a try.  I didn't see them under the Documents folder, but I'll look again or try the other method.  I'm pretty sure I just left everything with the default settings when I installed the program.
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    Strange - I just checked on my testing system, and it looks like it does default to the Program Files (x86) folder under Windows.  Which is a really bad location (IMO) for the service files.

    If you can't find them, just open File Explorer and search for .osz and let Windows find them for you.
  • I agree, that's not a good location for the service files.  I suppose it's possible that they're hidden files, but I don't plan on un-hiding them since I'm not always the one running the computer.  I'll see if I can find them by your other suggested methods.
  • OpenLP just saves the files where you select. They're not special in any way unless you've done something to them. Check where you saved them.
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