We're considering switching rom EasyWorship to OpenLP.

We're considering switching rom EasyWorship to OpenLP. I need to convince the decision makers that OpenLP is a stable product. I need to answer basic question such as : How long has it been a product? How many churches use OpenLP? How stable is the program in Windows? I need to know for sure that we will have a seamless transition from EasyWorship to OpenLP. Please advise. Thank you!


  • 1. According to Wikipedia (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/OpenLP) OpenLP's first stable release was 13 years ago.

    2. This is an OpenLP forum, so you're going to get biased responses. Having said that, our church has used it since day one (we're a newish church plant, about 1.5 years old). I was heavily involved in the decision making, and I remember looking at Easy Worship as an option. I didn't like it, honestly, although I can't recall why. OpenLP has been reliable and intuitive for me. The only crashes I've seen have actually been due to hardware failure (and thus not OpenLP's fault). It's very stable and has a number of import options.  Additionally, there are a number of us regularly active on the forum to handle user questions & troubleshooting. 

    Hope this helps!

    May I ask why you're considering making the change?
  • You're welcome!

    Sorry if I've missed any questions of yours lately - I've had my hands full with "real life" and haven't had much of an internet presence lately.  I'm getting caught up, though!
  • I've tried a lot of software packages, quela, easyworship, freeworship etc.. Even dabbling with SongPro (which I don't like, way too overcomplicated) and for many years used Zionworx. but Open LP stands out.  Easy to setup..  (took me about 20 mins to learn how to use it), importing all my existing songs was straightforward,  the ability to display images without resorting to PPT (which uses up way too much system resources). the availability of the NIV Bible ..... and for some strange reason that other software packages seem to lack.  The ability to load a different song, without it going live straightaway. A big bonus in our Worship services..
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