Version 1 service plans

Version of OpenLP
2_4_1 - 2_4_5
Operating system
is there any way to either convert v1 service plans to v2 or are there older installs for both windows and linux still available? Our church admin system can export a service plan in OpenLP v1 but not v2


  • All previous versions of OpenLP are on

    I don't recall being able to open v1 service files in v2, to be honest. I could be wrong, 2.0 was released such a long time ago.
  • Sounds like you need a converter utility. If it were me, I'd create my own after studying the v1 and v2 file types. But I'm a Windows-only guy (sad!) so my coding would be of no use to you.

    Tip: I've looked at the v2 .osz[l] files before, and they're basic .zip files with images & media & json text. The .oszl files reference external media rather than embed it.
  • The old 1.x service files were SQLite version 2 files, which I doubt you'll be able to find a reader for. Ubuntu *might* still have the old command line program.
  • Thanks for the comments - we are wanting to use a service exported from our church management system. I seems there is now partial support for OpenLP 2 so I can get the songs through which is the main thing I wanted. The link to the old versions might well be useful though so might give that a try
    Thanks all
  • @PetroMzizi, I just got an update from the dev's mailing list that you should know about (

    When the next version of OpenLP comes out, it will upgrade certain settings and will not be backwards-compatible with older versions. This will likely negatively impact you, since you're exporting an old-version service file from your church management system. I suggest contacting them and letting them know about the coming change.

    In the meantime, either don't upgrade or else run the new version in portable mode (with the '-p' arg).
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