How to convert video files/backgrounds to OTZ files type of OPL

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Does anyone know if there is a software converter able to convert video files/backgrounds to OTZ files type of OPL, so that the importing of moving/video themes/backgrounds into OLP would be possible for use?


  • What's an OTZ file? And when you said OPL, did you mean OLP instead?
  • Hi Milon.
    Yes I meant to say OLP.

    The OTZ file extension is associated with the OpenLP free application used to create multimedia presentations for church worship services. The .otz file contains settings of church presentations including pictures, fonts, text colors etc.

    Since OLP's themes/backgrounds/videos are in OTZ format, it would be easier to convert other freely downloadable themes/video backgrounds for use in OLP, only if one could find a software or ways for converting them. My google search revealed no joy.
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    I did some poking around on my end, and it seems that OTZ (and OSZ / OSZL) files are renamed ZIP files.  You can open them with 7-Zip (, my personal recommendation) or any other file compression program.

    I'm guessing that OTZ stands for OpenLP Theme Zip, and OSZ(L) stands for OpenLP Service Zip (Lite).

    EDIT - I forgot to say that I don't have any live backgrounds, so my testing wasn't relevant for that.  But I was able to see & extract the still background image & the XML file that defines the themes parameters.  It should be the same for a live background.
  • It is currently not supported to do what you want, but video backgrounds will come in the next feature release.
     The background is currently expected to be an image. Expect trouble if you replace it with something else.
  • Ditto, thanks. It's not a feature I use, but I thought it was supposed to be ready again in 2.4.6 - but I guess not yet. 
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