Feature Request: Option for blank slide between service items.

Further to asking a few questions about OpenLP, having just moved our church over form OpenSong, I have decided to ask if one of the things I asked about might be considered for a future release.

OpenSong had, in addition to the ability to blank/hide text on the display, the option to have a blank slide (themed similar to the previous item) automatically inserted between service items.

This was beneficial as some of the people we had maning the laptop during services were not very IT aware so having the ability to just press the down and up arrows and having the screen blank between songs without people having to remember any other key presses was a big advantage.

Would this be something that might be useful in OpenLP or that people might want?




  • I would use that feature in OpenLP if it were present.  Currently, we actually use blank custom slides that are given the same theme as the item before it, so we're manually doing the same thing.  Have it done automatically would be useful for me.
  • I am looking at presentation remote controllers, which often have only a forward and back buttton, and if one of those  was being used then automatic blank slides would be useful.
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