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Hi there
I was configuring OpenLP for a 4 day camp and wanted to use transparent backgrounds to loop motions behind the songtext as always with a transparent theme.
Problem is, as soon as I select a transparent background, every slide selected just freezes and stays even if I switch to another slide and the just stack over and over themselves.
I looked for this issue and found a bug report from february 2016 but I used this function after february 2016 and the suggestion in this bug report didn't help (disable vlc and system player/never use them and I need vlc to loop my motions after all)
and I also freshly installed the program and deleting app data folders, didn't help

Is this issue known in the newest version or is there any source to 2.4.5 or something to try it again there?
thanks for you help!! (camp starts in 6 hours :(


  • Problem solved after chatting in irc a bit. 
    I uninstalled version 2.4, installed 2.3, uninstalled 2.3 and installed 2.4 again. Plus I had to untick VLC and System player in the OpenLP configuartions as mentioned in another bug report before
    Weird solution but it worked for me
  • Glad you got it solved.  I was actually under the impression that transparent backgrounds weren't supposed to really be fixed until the next release.  Glad I was wrong!  :)
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