Transferring Newly Inputted Songs from One Computer to Another

Version of OpenLP
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Windows 10
I have been using Open LP on my laptop to develop the worship services at church.  Over time I have added many new songs on the laptop.  I have just downloaded Open LP onto a brand new desktop.  Is there any way to transfer the full song list from my laptop to the desktop version that I just installed?


  • You could copy the whole data folder over. Assuming that they are the same verison of OpenLP and that you're using the same family of operating systems. Though this won't copy over any settings.

    To do this in OpenLP click Tools->Open Data Folder. Copy the whole of the folder, or just the songs folder if you like, to the other p.c. and restart OpenLP.

    Otherwise if you want to transfer a single song you'll need to Export and then Import it using the options from the file menu.
  • Is there any reason you can't put the data directory into google drive or onedrive or similar?
  • @RevPaulWebb To transfer it, or to sync it? Its possible, but not recommended, especially if there is a chance that the data will be accessed by two different instances of OpenLP
  • Export/Import can do multiple songs too!
  • Question.  I have an older laptop with a number of songs on it with an older OPENLP program.  I now have a new laptop computer with the newest OPENLP program on it.  Can I transfer the songs from the one laptop to the other laptop?  If so, how?  Will transferring mess up the words and settings?  If possible, do you do a direct hookup between laptops?  Or can you copy the songs to a thumb drive, blank CD disk or blank DVD disk from the old laptop, insert the thumb drive, CD or DVD into the new laptop and download the songs in to it?
  • @Phil - to sync. Both laptops would have their data in /users/public/onedrive/openlp. It's extremely unlikely that both would be in use at the same time. I prepare the service at home on one laptop and then run it at church on the other.
  • Thank you for the helpful suggestions!  I will your suggestion Phil.
  • Phil, here's what I tried.  I clicked on Tools, opened Data Folder, and copied the Songs file to Dropbox.  Then on my dual-screen desktop, I dragged the Songs file from the Dropbox location onto the Songs file that opened up on the desktop.  Then I re-started OpenLP on the desktop.  Nothing changed, it appears that the songs did not update.

    Any suggestions?  Thank you again!
  • I sync OpenLP (and everything else) across multiple sites using OneDrive, I simply relocate the data folder there. Yes, you do have to keep your version numbers the same, but I would do that anyway. 

    One caveat, this solution works well for us, but we rarely (if ever) use both PCs at once.
  • Phil, thank you for the suggestion.  Question, when you copy the Songs file (in this case) to OneDrive, then on another computer do you drag it onto the Songs file of one of the other computers?  When I did the same thing with Dropbox and dragged the Songs file onto the Songs folder of another computer, the file showed it was updated but when I opened the Songs tab in OpenLP of my desktop (where I dragged to) the songs were not updated.
  • The file you want is the songs.sqlite in the ‘songs’ directory of the OpenLP_data directory. Copy the, put it on whatever file sharing storage you want, etc. The updated database must be in the ‘songs’ directory of the system you’re running from.
  • BTW, if you create a service file on one computer with some songs in it and open it on another computer, that computer will automatically add that song to its songs database
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