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On the web site, there is a link to download older versions of OpenLP.  Is there somewhere that would tell me what version of OpenLP I would need for an older MAC which will only upgrade to OSX10.7.5?


  • OpenLP 2.0 may work, but if you run into any issues, then you will be told to upgrade. We don't support versions of OpenLP older than the current release.
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    Thanks Raoul.  I have found a version of OpenLP that works OK on this old Macbook, and surprisingly, Open LP opens up much faster on it than on a fairly new PC (about 2 years old), so because of some issues we were having, I would like to start using this old Macbook.  However, I've run into a slight problem.  I've transferred all our data files across, but when I try to open OpenLP, it tells me that the database is in a newer version, so it will not open it.  Is there any way that I could convert my song database (which has a huge number of songs in it) to the older version? Shot 2017-12-09 at 23.31.29.png?dl=0

    This is a screenshot of the warning I get at startup.

  • Please ignore previous post.  I have found a solution.  All I need to do was export all my songs from the PC and then import them into the older version of OpenLP on the Macbook.  

    Thanks for all your hard work on this program.  It really is a tremendous blessing to smaller churches with no budget.
    God bless you all.

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