Indic Text is broken in Edit Verse window

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Operating system
Windows 10

While trying to edit songs in Indic text, the Edit Verse window is displaying the text with a lot of dotted circles (0x25CC). Compare the same text in Notepad in the image below. The Thai Text is (apparently) displayed correctly. Could you please look into this issue?
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  • This is the font set by your operating system. You'll notice the font in Notepad is different to OpenLP. Change the display font for your operating system.
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    Thanks for the quick reply :smile:
    Is it really a display font issue. Please see font in other windows of OpenLP. It is broken only in the Edit Verse window. It looks to me like a rendering issue. I downloaded the source code and will try to see if I could throw any further light to it. In the mean time can you please check if the widget/tool that display text on Edit Verse window is any different from the tool you use in other places. Thanks in advance,

  • ...hmm.
    On my linux box Indic text appears correctly. So it's could be a display font issue. 
  • It's not different. We leave the font entirely up to the operating system.
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    I tried on another Windows machine and the text is broken there as well (This time the display font is different). So I'm inclined to believe that it's a rendering related issue there's something that can be addressed. OpenLP uses ICU5.x for rendering right? I'm looking into the code and will get back to you if I see anything interesting.
  • OpenLP uses Qt. Qt implements the platform's native rendering.
  • Thank you and I've noticed that OpenLP is using Qt. I never worked on Qt before. But going through the code, I had a feeling that it has to do something with Qt's QPlainTextEdit widget. So I tried making a quick text editor (by adapting an example script I found online) and ran the same from the same venv as openlp's and found that the text is rendered correctly. I couldn't run OpenLP from the source as it was throwing an ImportError: cannot import name 'QtWebKit'. I didn't bother to dig into it to solve that issue.

    Here's the code that I tried,
    import sys
    from PyQt5.QtWidgets import QPlainTextEdit, QApplication, QTextEdit, QWidget, QPushButton, QVBoxLayout
    class Notepad(QWidget):
        def __init__(self):
            super(Notepad, self).__init__()
            self.text = QPlainTextEdit(self)
            self.clr_btn = QPushButton('clear')
        def init_ui(self):
            layout = QVBoxLayout()
    app = QApplication(sys.argv)
    writer = Notepad()
  • Here's the output from the above code
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