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Our church is new to this product and I'm trying to get comfortable using it.  I was about to start typing out all the songs we do from the Baptist Hymnal 1991 and also work on getting Hymns of Grace hymnal imported.  OH!  I forgot about the Sovereign Grace Worship songs.  That being said, is there a way to import songs from this forum that others have already done from those hymnals?  Is there a database I can get them from and import them into OpenLP?

Thank you.


  • It seems most folks use CCLI which also handles all of your licensing issues and provides a direct import function. Assuming you have some other licensing arrangement and just need hymns, Google can be your friend - just look for <hymn> lyrics. has a lot of lyrics and music. Remember to double-check the text vs. your hymn book - there are a LOT of variations out there. But be sure you have the appropriate copyright permissions before you get started.

  • I've been using Hymnary a lot.  I starred the hymnal we use and go from there.  I didn't know if it was possible to find a library for the hymn already done that I can import
  • Our church has a CCLI.  How do I find out more about how I can get the hymnals?  I've never done anything like this and nobody at church knows how to so I'm trying to be useful.
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