next and prev don't work Using Remote through web browser

Version of OpenLP
Operating system
Windows 10
I use this in 2 churches. Buttons work in one and not the other. Is there a setting to enable this or am I missing something else?


  • A difference in the network maybe? It's hard to say without knowing anything about the setups, networks, and about a dozen other variables.
  • Both are using a router for their own local network. No internet access in either case. Different computers but both on WIN10.
    Just fishing for ideas. With the one I have to switch back to service view and select the service item I want. Not a major problem but was hoping there might be a solution. If no one else is experiencing this I'll keep looking for the solution on my own.
  • Could it be related to the Service Items Slide Limits settings in the Advanced settings section of OpenLP?
  • Are you using an Android device, or an iOS device? Are you using Firefox, Chrome or the built-in browser? Are you sure you're accessing the right IP address every time?
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    No android devices or iOS--computers are win10 and my tablet is running win10 as well. Using Chrome on the tablet. Same tablet for both churches. The strange thing is that it was working in both churches on older versions of OpenLP but not with new version. As far as I can see I have the same settings on both. Could it simply be the hardware?

    Will check the Service Items Slide Limits. Never thought of that since I assumed that only affected the function of the arrow keys on the actual keyboard and not the remote app through web browser. Definitely worth a try.

    I probably need to bring the computer home and try a few things with it. Would also see if it's a network issue.

    Thanks all!
  • Finally got to check this out. New installation  of OpenLp had defaulted to Remain On Slide in Advanced Settings. It now advances to next service item except when running a video. Have to go back to Service view in the Web Remote to get out of video. 
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