Video Formats

Version of OpenLP
Operating system
Windows 10
Are there any particular video formats that OpenLP doesn't like?

what are the compatible formats?


  • OpenLP doesn't directly open video files. It actually just passes the file on to one of the 3 supported players. Those players are third party software libraries and in many cases the formats they support are dependent on your particular computer.

    For the best compatibility, install VLC and use it through OpenLP. VLC supports the widest range of video formats out there.
  • Hi There!

    I'm having a problem playing .WMV videos, I can play MP4 videos fine but I can't play the WMV videos. I'm using a Mac and already intalled the latest VLC... Don't know what else to do, can you help please?

    Thank you!
  • Does VLC show up as a media player in OpenLP? Have you got it selected? Does your file play in VLC outside of OpenLP?
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