Adding a Powerpoint presentation to a completed OpenLP service

Version of OpenLP
Operating system
Windows 8
Is it a simple job to add a powerpoint to a comlpeted OpenLP service? I am relatively new to OpenLP and have had a late request to add to Sunday's service.


  • Presuming you have PowerPoint or LibreOffice installed, it should just be a case of loading the presentation into OpenLP and then dragging and dropping it into the service, just like anything else. Are you encountering a particular problem?
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    Thanks for your reply
    Yes, Powerpoint 2016 is installed. I don't have OpenLP at home yet (about to download it). I assume I have to copy the ppt from a memory stick  into 'presentations' and then 'add to service'. I have to find where the presentations are stored on the PC and add it to the list? Or will it just drag and drop into the 'presentations'?
  • If you save the presentation into the service at home, it'll be embedded into the service file and will load when you get to church. The only times this is not true is if the file is big (I think > 50MB), or you save a "lite" service.
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    Sorry, I should have explained better I don't have the memory stick, the person is bringing it on Sunday to Church. The service is on the PC at Church. I just want to be sure I know how to do it as there won't be much time I am doing 2 services. I see that ppts have to be imported into OpenLP and then added to the service, I just need a step by step guide to do that.
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