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Been starting to look at doing some stuff for a church, they use Worship Him, which is Windows only, anyone know how to convert the data to OpenLP which would work better on the sound guys computer (Mac) and mine......  

Maybe someone has done this before?


  • I downloaded their trial version and had a quick look at the files in the installer (using Debian). It's a .NET app, looks to be written in Visual Basic .NET and uses an access database. I used the "mdbtools" suite to look at the database structure. It's pretty simple.
    CREATE TABLE [Categories]
    [Category1] Text (200)

    CREATE TABLE [Songs]
    [Title] Text (200),
    [Author] Text (200),
    [Publisher] Text (200),
    [Copyright] Text (200),
    [SongKey] Text (100),
    [Lyrics] Memo/Hyperlink (255),
    [Category] Text (200),
    [PlayOrder] Memo/Hyperlink (255),
    [ProjectorDisplayTemplate] Memo/Hyperlink (255),
    [Transition] Memo/Hyperlink (255),
    [Notes] Memo/Hyperlink (255),
    [CCLINumber] Text (100),
    [HymnalNumber] Text (100),
    [User1] Memo/Hyperlink (255),
    [User2] Memo/Hyperlink (255),
    [PrintFormat] Memo/Hyperlink (255),
    [DisplayFormat] Memo/Hyperlink (255),
    [ShowTitleAuthorCopyrightOn] Text (510),
    [RecordID] Long Integer NOT NULL,
    [CreationDate] DateTime,
    [PRJsUseDefault] Text (200)

    CREATE TABLE [UsageTracking]
    [UseType] Text (100),
    [UseQuantity] Long Integer,
    [UseDate] DateTime,
    [RecordID] Long Integer,
    [PrimaryKey] Long Integer

    [NextRecordID] Long Integer NOT NULL

    I don't know if Fedora has the mdbtools package, but if it does, you should be able to extract the songs using mdb-extract or mdb-sql (or maybe mdb-tables). As for importing them into OpenLP, you might be able to convert the songs into OpenLyrics format for importing.
  • Fedora does have it, I need to get my hands on the church data, then do some playing with it, probably dump it out to text, then figure out how to import it.  Was hoping someone else had already done it.....    I've found if you can get input data as text, you can massage it into whatever you like, for import into something else that supports text.    I'm hoping I can do this in Python.....   

  • Python can do it easily. That's why OpenLP is written in Python :-)
  • Question about Open Format, say I have 8,000 songs, can I create one big file with all the stuff in it, or do I need to do them one at a time?   One at a time, would make the whole project kinda stink....
  • The OpenLyrics format only allows 1 song per file. OpenLP can import multiple files at the same time.
  • I kinda figured that....   Will probably go ahead anyway....
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