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I'm after a cheap, easy to use digital recording method for recording our services.

We've used audacity on the laptop which we use for openlp, but I'd prefer a simpler solution that isn't reliant on the laptop.

I've also used an MP3 player, but that requires turning on, using a jog dial to find the right menu option, changing the settings and pressing and holding play.  This is fine for me, but may be a bit much for other people who may need to run the a/v.

I've seen solid state rack mount recorders which record onto a compact flash card - one of these would be ideal but they're expensive (from £400).

Any suggestions? What do you use?




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    You can always program a microcontroller and record 128kB of the service Laughing Small, and doesn't require a laptop (a nerd, however), but maybe not so efficient since you'll only get about 0.3 sec Cry

    In my church we use a PC, a line-in wire from the mixer board and harddiskogg to record directly into mp3. I can't see any other easier or cheaper option Frown

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    We use an old desktop running Ubuntu using Audacity to record our services. We use a seperate computer in order to keep the noise down from a crummy laptop hard drive. This has proven about as simple and easy, and cheap as we can get. You might look into something like this it looks pretty simple and SD cards are fairly cheap a 2GB should do about all you would ever need .


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