This app cant run on this PC

Version of OpenLP
Operating system
Windows 10
We have been using Open LP for almost a year on this PC. It has ran fine until our service on the 21st of November. Now all of the sudden our computer is saying it cant run this app on this pc. I have tried several different things to get this to clear with no luck. I have check for this error with other applications and tried some of the those remedies with no luck as well. Any help that you can provide for this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


  • Could you provide the exact error message displayed? Maybe include a screenshot?
  • I cannot vouch for, and would not recommend the tool they suggest you download, but the 12 solutions to get it running, might just be helpful. Have you tried each of these? 
  • Hello Dirty Joe,

    Are you using administrator account on your computer?
    If not, would it be possible to try one?

    You may try disabling the Smart Screen and other things mentioned here:

    Note: All of the OpenLP builds are 32 bit.
  • I am running OpenLP 2.4.6 on Windows 10 (64-bit) and it works fine, so the issue is likely specific to your system.  Let us know if the above link is helpful or not for you.
  • As far as a specific error tgc it does not give one. That is what is strange. I was looking for a details screen to see what was causing this and there is no option for Details. I even went in to make sure they the permissions for the system account has access to the files. I have turned off smart screen. We are running Windows 10 professional. I have checked firewall issues. I have deleted the 3rd party antivirus and turned firewall completely off. I have changed the setting for side loading apps to developer mode so even if the software does not have a signed cert from Microsoft it will still run. I am really at a loss here. Any other ideas. 
  • Can anyone tell me the files that need to be saved in order to do a clean install and not lose all my stuff. 
  • My guess would be that your 3rd party anti virus quarantined a DLL at some point. Did you try reinstalling after uninstalling the antivirus?

    If you haven't moved the location of your data files then they will be in the standard place, I'll try to look on my pc later. You could copy the files from there just in case, but I'm pretty sure that OpenLP does this when installing.
  • The data files are stored in %AppData%/OpenLP/data unless you have moved the location in the Advanced settings.
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