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  • If OpenLP supported playback of video through RTSP (or/and other streaming protocols) would that solve your issue?
  • If you have placed OpenLPs shared folder in dropbox or similar sync/shared folder, the issue could be that the file gets locked while being sync'ed, right after its creation. Try to disable the sync'ing and see if the problem persists.
  • After re-reading the log, the error seems to be that the thumbnail generation tries to create a file that already exists and is opened by someone else (most likely OpenLP). So we need some better error handling!
  • I haven't tried AppleTV, so don't know about that, but a hdmi cable should do the trick. Have a look at our fine manual:
  • @Flangehed. Thank you for the log! It seems the presentation is missing some information that openlp expects. Would it be possible for you to share the presentation?
  • Sorry for the late reply... I think the problem you are seeing is caused by the bibles using different versification, meaning that in some places the content of verses doesn't match. OpenLP does not support matching verses of bibles with different v…
  • Are you running the latest OpenLP release? I think there was a bug like this in an older release.
  • There is no official web services for creating service files in the works, but a few unofficial exists, like this one: By the way, osz is just zip, not 7z, but the 7z program can open both :-) …
  • We used to have the format documented in our api docs, but it seems to have fallen out. Instead you can read it here:
  • OpenLP only needs the Songs.MB and Songs.DB files for importing, so you should just copy those files to the pc and then use OpenLP to impprt them.
  • Could you provide the exact error message displayed? Maybe include a screenshot?
  • Hi Joe, Chords functionality is not available in openlp 2.4. It will be in the next release though. There exists a "hack" which you can find by searching the forum. Note that this "hack" is not officially supported.
  • It is currently not supported to do what you want, but video backgrounds will come in the next feature release.  The background is currently expected to be an image. Expect trouble if you replace it with something else.
  • Hi again, sorry for the late response. I finally had time to look at this and install VideoPsalm. In my install all songbooks are json files. Are you running an older VideoPsalm version? If so try upgrading.
  • Maybe things changed in recent versions of VideoPsalm. I'll have a look when time allows.
  • Are you sure your looking at videopsalm songbooks? They are normally located at C:\Users\Public\Documents\VideoPsalm\Songbooks
  • Why don't you use OpenLPs Stage View for the screen in back of the room and the Live View for the mothers room? See the manual for details: If you have a the screens all connected to the same computer you can…
  • There is currently a problem with one of the providers used for webbibles which triggers the error you are seeing. But it only affects one provider (BibleGateway), the other 2 still works, hopefully you can find the translation you are looking for t…
  • OpenLP has been active since 2004, so it is not a new project and has been actively developed and improve in that time. As this forum demonstrate there is an active userbase from all over the world. OpenLP can currently import songs from EasyWorship…
  • For images I would recommend using jpg or png files, and mp4 for video. The pixel size should preferably match the size of the display/monitor you will display on. For video conversion I would recommend "handbrake".
  • It is currently possible to import from EasyWorship 2009 Song DB and setlists. In the next feature release of OpenLP (2.6) it will be possible to import from EasyWorship 6 SongDB.
  • Most of these remotes are simply sending keystrokes to the program in focus, so the answer is most likely yes. But why don't you just download OpenLP and test? :-)
  • There is an issue with the EasySlides importer that causes this error, but it has been fixed in the delveopment code, which means that it will be fixed in the next release.
  • @Godisawesome the build contains everything it needs to run, so what you are seeing is those instabilities I mentioned... Hopefully it will be fixed soon.
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  • If you need a development build you can get the latest from here: But be advised that this is development build, stability is not guaranteed. Doing a build yourself is a bit complicated, b…
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