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  • Hi! As mentioned, displaying versenumber is a fairly often requested feature, but so far no one has stepped up and implemented it. I do not think I have seen the github fork before and it is a bit sad that the patches has not been merged back into O…
  • Unfortunately OpenLP does not support multiple displays/screens/monitors, so what you ask is not possible. I hope you can find OpenLP useful anyway.
  • I'm sorry to say that your question doesn't make sense to me... OpenLP does not use a master/slave system... Please be more specific about what you want to do.
  • Hi! My German is a bit rusty, so I'll answer in English - I hope that's ok. It is currently not possible to zoom in on PDFs in OpenLP. Implementing PDF zoom is unfortunately not as straightforward as you might think, so it is currently not on the ro…
  • Hi, Unfortunately OpenLP does not support this functionality. I hope you can find a workaround...
    in Dual Monitors Comment by tgc March 29
  • Currently the trunk is a bit of a mess on windows (the core developers run linux), so there might be some issues... But it should run under python 3.4. If you use newer versions you will hit problems due to a library missing. And yes, we are working…
  • Are you sure the PC and mobilr are on the same network? Have you checked that your firewall does not block for access to OpenLP?
  • Unfortunately Openlp does not support using PowerPoint and LibreOffice on Mac due to missing integration limitations on that platform. So if you need to import PowerPoint presentations you need to use a Windows or Linux PC.
  • On windows you can't just edit the source code distributed with the release - it is only used for debug info. You need to setup a development environment: Note that we do not curren…
  • @Johan Could you produce a log as described in the link Raoul posted? Also, which system are you on, and where do you try to save the file?
  • You can try the OpenLP PPA as described in the manual:
  • This is not yet possible with OpenLP.
  • @Flangehed We do not have a bugfix yet. To be honest I'm still not sure what the error is. You actually didn't answer the question in my last post: Is the OpenLP data folder placed in a shared folder? Or is the files by any chance opened by a differ…
  • Hi! Creating a new theme is the way to go, and it should work - so please try again When you have the custom slide in the service manager you can right-click the item a choose a specific theme for that item.
  • So if I understand correctly, you would like for a way to browse songs based on song books. This is partly possible by selecting "songbooks" in the song search field, as shown here: This is not exact…
  • Sorry, that should have been "creating an USX importer could be an option."
  • Hi! Since OpenLP is an open source project with a fairly small set of contributors, making a royalty agreement for distribution of bibles is not really an option. Supporting various bible formats for import is however in scope, so creating an USX co…
  • If OpenLP supported playback of video through RTSP (or/and other streaming protocols) would that solve your issue?
  • If you have placed OpenLPs shared folder in dropbox or similar sync/shared folder, the issue could be that the file gets locked while being sync'ed, right after its creation. Try to disable the sync'ing and see if the problem persists.
  • After re-reading the log, the error seems to be that the thumbnail generation tries to create a file that already exists and is opened by someone else (most likely OpenLP). So we need some better error handling!
  • I haven't tried AppleTV, so don't know about that, but a hdmi cable should do the trick. Have a look at our fine manual:
  • @Flangehed. Thank you for the log! It seems the presentation is missing some information that openlp expects. Would it be possible for you to share the presentation?
  • Sorry for the late reply... I think the problem you are seeing is caused by the bibles using different versification, meaning that in some places the content of verses doesn't match. OpenLP does not support matching verses of bibles with different v…
  • Are you running the latest OpenLP release? I think there was a bug like this in an older release.
  • There is no official web services for creating service files in the works, but a few unofficial exists, like this one: By the way, osz is just zip, not 7z, but the 7z program can open both :-) …