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Hello All,

I'm new to openlp.  I just wanted to share what brought me to your site and your application.  I'm in the media department of a large Romanian church, and we've been using EasyWorship for a few years.


Unfortunately, EasyWorship still does not fully support the correct Romanian characters.  Also, there has been no support for the Romanian Bible (Versiunea Dumitru Cornilescu), which has been requested for several years.  Windows Vista and Windows 7 have set the Romanian keyboard to use the correct Romanian characters; Șș Țț (s-comma and t-comma) and not Şş Ţţ (s-cedilla and t-cedilla).  These characters showed up as "?" in openlp 1; but it was displayed properly in openlp 2.


This has let us to explore other alternatives, and I came across openlp 2.  Any tips on exporting from EasyWorship and importing into openlp?  I look forward to trying out openlp in the coming weeks, hopefully it will suit our needs.


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    My church recently moved over to OpenLP from EasyWorship. I had to write a custom little program that could extract the data from EasyWorship to a CSV file, and then another script to convert from the CSV file to OpenLP. I'll see if I can find that CSV-to-OpenLP script.

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    Hi Raoul, that would be much appreciated!

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    I'm afraid I can only find the app to extract the songs from EasyWorship into a CSV file. Maybe we can add some sort of CSV import into the Song Import Wizard (when it's complete).

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    There's a nice program called EasySearch that exports songs from EasyWorship to text files. Check out

    After you've got all files out to .txt format, use openlp to import using the "CCLI SongSelect-alternative, which appears to work with the .txt files. I got it working with the old CCLI import, and should therefore also work with OpenLP 2.0 CCLI-import (but I guess that's not implemented yet). I don't know how well it works with the romanian letters, and the verse/chorus tags disappears, but I hope I've at least inspired you...

    God bless!

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    Thanks for the tip rtap0.  I tried running it on Windows 7 and Windows XP, and it fails.  It gives me an "Internal error: java.lang.NullPointerException" on the same location (song 485 of 773).  I may be looking at re-entering all of the songs manually.


    Also, as I was looking through the site and more about 2.0; there were quite a few references about the current version not being stable.  I was planning on migrating to this as our main software.  Any insight into this?  I'm really looking for an alternative that can support Romanian characters, and a Romanian Bible.



    Dragos Neagu

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    The current alpha release works fairly well. You may find a few missing features or quirks, but as long as you spend some time playing with it in advance so you can make yourself aware of what works and what doesn't you should be OK. There are people already using it in their Sunday services.

    The main issue is that things are still changing under the hood. This means that when installing the next alpha/beta you may have to spend a little time converting databases or tweaking your themes because the layout may have changed slightly.

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