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I'm new with the program.  In our church we are using OpenSong; but we want to be able to use ppt presentation too.  I try ProPresenter I like, I come across this software and will like to give a try best of all is free.  Now can someone explaine how to use it, I check for a manual or something but did not get anything that will help. For example I open preference and the ppt is not lit even do i enable it.


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    Which version of openlp did you download? v1.2.4 or the v1.9.2 alpha?

    If v1.2.4, then you need to have PowerPoint already installed on the computer before openlp can control the powerpoint presentation. If the Presentations tab is not "lit" then it sounds like you might not have it installed, but it could also indicate a problem with the install if you do have it. Let us know which.

    If you don't have a copy of PowerPoint, then v1.9.2 is able to control PowerPoint files using either Impress or PowerPoint viewer. Both can be downloaded for free.


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