Two computers One database on LP 1.2.3

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I'm trying to run two computers with the same database.  Currently I am using my Office computer to put the service order together.  Then send it to the projection computer.  However, the projection computer reverts to the song in it's database.  So, if I set a song as V, C, V, C on my office computer and take it to the projection computer and open the service order and the song in that database is set to how we did it last time which was C, V, C.  I want to be able to save changes to a song and have them carry over to the other computer.

I have not found a way to tell LP to look in a different place for it's database.  I even tried creating a shortcut for one of the computers to follow.  It didn't work.

Any ideas?




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    I also interesting in this question.

    Because at the present moment OpenLP uses SQLLite DB and there are no ways to automatically sync it with other computers.

    I have another problems. Now I started to roll out and test this app for my church and we have to import a lot of slides, check them, and so on. So I would like to collaborate.

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    Hello, first you are running an older version of openlp. 1.2.8 is out but, will not help your problem.

    If both computers have internet access you could try spideroak. I use it to sync my database files and it works well. All you need is to point it to the correct folders on each computer and set up a sync. That is the best way I found so far.

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    OpenLP 2 supports SQLite and MySQL out of the box on Windows, and SQLite out of the box on Linux and OS X. To add MySQL and/or PostgreSQL support in Linux, simply install MySQLdb and/or psycopg2 via your package manager. We're working on getting MySQL (and possibly PostgreSQL) support for OS X.

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    That's great news.

    Thans for your work.

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    Is the MySQL functionality there, but not implemented in the UI, or am I missing it?  And is it only localhost install or can it use a remote database?

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    Yes, at this stage there is no UI for switching. I haven't tried it on a remote database, but it shouldn't make a difference whether MySQL is local or remote.

    First, make sure OpenLP is closed. Then create a database and a user in MySQL.

    Then, edit your configuration file (look in the FAQ for the location on Windows - I don't use Windows) and under the "songs" section, add the following keys:

    db username = <username>
    db password = <password>
    db hostname = <server host or ip address>
    db database = <database name>

    Lastly, change the "db type" to "mysql" and then start OpenLP. It'll create the tables for you, and you'll have a blank database. From there, just import your SQLite database via the OpenLP 2 song import.

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    I suppose it is about OPENLP 2 not 1.2?

    I've looked over programm directory and user directory with no success.
    Can you please tell the exact file name.


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    Yes, sorry, OpenLP 2.0 (1.9.x) only.

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    And what it the name of the configuration file (at least on your system).
    I could not find it.

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    If you're on Windows, the info is stored in the registry, so someone who knows the windows setup will have to clue us in on how to switch to MySQL.

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    Open Notepad, and paste in the following:

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    "db username"="user"
    "db password"="password"
    "db hostname"="host"
    "db database"="database"
    "db type"="mysql"

    Save the file as openlp.reg (make sure "All Files" selected at bottom so it doesn't put a .txt on the end) then double click it to load it into the registry.

    Then watch as it dumps a stack trace to the debug log. I think there is still a bit of work to do behind the scenes I'm afraid for Windows support of MySQL. Either that or I've done something silly :)

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    I'll give it a shot, and I'll be happy to help test the ability to use a centralized DB, since that will come in handy in our set up, we actually have 3 areas in the building where projection is used, upstairs (2) Downstairs in the youth area and downstairs in the Kids room, so having everything in one place would be good.  Then I can just create themes for each group to make it customized to the individual group using it.  Speaking of which, I need to make the theme for our youth, because I'm trying to press this int o service downstairs Wednesday night, already confident it will meet the needs downstairs.

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    Okay, so far, not been able to get it to connect to a local or remote MySQL DB, but it's not a big deal at the moment because we can always create the service order on one computer and save it to a server location, and the songs will import in to the local db that way, which works, and probably gives less chance of problems.

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    Yes. Doesn't work on Win 7 x64.

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