Creating New Theme with Background image


I just installed 1.9.2. I also successfully converted songs to run on it.

I just want to ask advise on creating a new theme using a background image.

i tried to create one, my problem is that the image won't in the whole screen. There's a black column on the left and on the right. i'm not sure if it's because the image that i use is small enough to fit or is there a standard size for background image(e.g. 800x600, etc)?

And I can't find on the settings how to fix it.

Can you please advise.

Thanks in advance





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    There isn't a standard size, I think it's just preserving the aspect ratio, so that the image doesn't get stretched/distorted. You would have to use an image editor to resize/crop the image to one that matches your desktop dimensions for best results.

    As an aside, we did take into account that some people may want the lyrics to only display in a certain portion of the image. The theme can be edited to change the size/location of the lyrics textbox. This is found in the theme editor on the Main Font tab - the Display Location.


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