Copying song dB from 1 laptop to another

What's the easiest way to copy our OpenLP song dB from 1 laptop to another?  When I'm not able to make it to our house church meeting, another person will project the songs from her own laptop.  I'm not sure where -- or under what file name -- the song dB resides.  I'd also like to copy it as a back-up, since we have almost 300 songs in it that I'm in the process of reformatting and cleaning up.  (Hey, I'm not complaining!  They were imported successfully, so I don't have to copy and paste them all into the song dB.)

Btw, we used OpenLP at our house church meeting yesterday, and it worked like a charm! 


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    Glad you had success using OpenLP!

    Assuming you're on Windows, in the Windows Explorer address bar type:



    This will open up the folder containing all the OpenLP data/configuration. This is what you want to backup.

    If you want just the songs, go down to: data\songs\songs.sqlite


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    Hi CatherineS,

    What exactly do you mean when you say that you are in the process of reformatting and clening up? Could the importer be improved? Which one are you using?

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    Are you asking which importer I used?  If so, I used the app you provided, and I thought it worked really well.  I'm reformatting mainly to eliminate awkward breaks in the lyric slides for long verses (in EasyWorship a blank line will place the next few lines in a new slide, but they didn't import that way), and cleaning up mostly because it imported the Verse and Chorus labels in EasyWorship as text and as a part of the verse/chorus.  Also, the chorus and bridge in most of the songs I've looked at so far are actually labeled as a verse, which causes the numbering of the verses to be thrown off.  For example, the chorus of a song would look like the following in the Song Editor edit screen (without the extra line between the lines -- this reply box adds the extra space with manual line breaks):



    How great is our God

    Sing with me...

    Obviously, then, verse 2 would be labeled as Verse:3. 

    I don't know if the importing of the verse and chorus labels could be improved,  but there is one thing that would have made it easier:  After the songs were imported, I had to open each song in the song editor and save it before it would even appear in the Preview area (or display) and I could see how it looked. 


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    Hi CatherineS,

    That's my importer you used :-)

    As to some of your problems, the script I wrote that I managed to mistakenly delete took care of a few of those issues, specifically the "open each song [externally]" issue.

    The chorus and verse labels I'm not sure I can do anything about. The exporter app simply pulls the text out of each field, without formatting. EasyWorship stores their text with formatting, but I haven't been able to (and didn't feel it was worth spending the time) work out how they differentiate between verse types.

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    Oops, sorry for the mistaken identity.  I didn't realize that Raoul & Superfly were the same person.  :-)  I still thought the importer worked pretty well -- especially considering I'd have had to otherwise copy and paste (or, even worse, retype) all the songs into OpenLP.  And I'm just glad to have the songs out of EW and in OpenLP.  So, thanks!


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