Great software

The church I had attended for years has used a pricey worship presentation software for quite some time.  I'm now attending a house church, and we were struggling trying to remember the lyrics each time we wanted to sing a song.  So, I began a search for a free worship software that would let us display song lyrics.  I looked at numerous software, and had expected to have to settle for an extremely basic, dumbed-down version of worship software.  I even downloaded and tried several, but I kept hoping there was something better out there.  Then I was very encouraged to find OpenLP.

OpenLP 2 -- the latest alpha version -- does almost as much as the expensive software I was accustomed to working with.  Although it is not able to download directly from CCLI, that is a minor issue compared to the great features this free software already contains and the others developers are currently working to add.  And the house church has been very blessed by our use of it.

Developers:  Thanks for all the help and encouragement you've already given me!  You're doing a great job!



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