Lost with the program

I"m new with the program (owned a mac computer) I have being working with it but the only thing that I have done so far is putting the song and view it in only one screen. I have not being able to make the ppt work neither the background. I will like to learn the program so we could change it, I found OpenSong years ago try it leaned it and them took it to church to be use.  In our church we have a projector with one a single video card -we bought VGA video spliter with four monitor imput.  Know since the Mac has the mirror shut down I found in the internet a program called ( Screen Spanning Doctor (v0.3.3) which turns the Mac to a dual display and works fine.  This web page is for a PC version (http://www.easyfreeware.com/files/screen_spanning_doctor.zip/21705) hope if help some one.  My question what I need to do to make the ppt box to be anable in the preferences, and how can I make it work.  My e-mail (dasamanil@juno.com) please help.


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    You need two things to be able to use the PowerPoint integration:

    1. Windows
    2. Microsoft PowerPoint XP and higher

    If you want to show presentations, but don't have PowerPoint installed, on Windows you can also use PowerPoint Viewer (which you can download for free) or OpenOffice.org.

    Unfortunately at this stage we have no developers on OS X, so we have been unable to take a good look at how to do things on that platform.

    Not only that, even if we wanted to use OpenOffice.org, OpenOffice.org for OS X does not support the interface OpenLP needs to use to control it.

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