transferring songs from easyworship on to openlp

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My name is Andrea and I am with the Baptist Church in Emerald, Queensland , Australia. For the last 3 years we have been using Easyworship and are having some troubles.

I am intrested in using openlp instead. Can I transfer the songs I have stored in Easyworship (which were downloaded from Song Select) straight onto openlp? Are there more than one "Song Select" to down load songs from and is openlp only intergrated with one particular "Song Select"?

I am a bit new in all these things.

Looking forward to your response



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    Hi Andrea,

    Currently we have 2 versions of OpenLP: 1.2 and 2.0 (currently known as 1.9.3). Version 1.2 is the current "stable" version, and version 2 is currently in development, but very much usable (a number of folks are already using it in their services).

    Version 1.2 can not import from EasyWorship, but does support CCLI's SongSelect service.

    Version 2.0 has an import wizard which can import from a range of formats, including EasyWorship and CCLI's SongSelect files, but doesn't (yet) provide integration with SongSelect like 1.2 does.

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    Importing from Easy Worship 2007 is working. With use of songs.db and songs.mb the import of song is possible, by chosing songs.db file in import wizard.

    Still, the importing of cyrillic song is giving wrong results. The encoding is not right.

    This is a link with Easy Worhip 2007 data files, for testing.

    I hope that it is possible to fix the importing for cyrillic songs.


    Greetings - Dian.

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