Fail to add new media when a media is going live (and more)

1). I can't add another new media when a media is going live. When I click Add New Media button, the dialog box doesn't open completely, and the file list column is blank (shows folder list only). I'm using version 1.9.3 for Ubuntu Lucid.

2). I feel version 1.9.3 in my notebook does not react fast when projecting a media or lyric with background. It needs some 4 to 8 seconds to open or close a dialog box, say, when clicking button to edit a theme and after clicking OK button. My notebook is Compaq CQ41 (2 GB RAM DDR3, Intel Core-i3 and Intel VGA card).

3). I'm confused to set my dual monitor. When I set my output display to Screen 1 (primary), it projects to my notebook screen (Screen 1 as I guess) at a smaller size (so overlay OpenLP GUI). When I change to Screen 2, it also projects to my notebook screen (fullscreen). My solution so far is setting display output to Screen 1 (default), click OK (projection appears at smaller size), press Esc (back to GUI), change to Screen 2 (projection appears fullscreen), press Esc, and change back to Screen 1. After these steps, GUI still displayed on my notebook screen (Screen 1), and projections appears on my large screen (Screen 2) as hoped. May someone explain how to set this properly?


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    Which build are you using?

    1) yes you can but it is hidden by a bug!  Change the filter to "All Files(*)" and they will show up.  This has been fixed.

    2) What type of background are you using, and image.  There have been performance issues with these but they have now been fixed.

    3) have a look at http:// which may help with the duel screen setup.  This is still work in progress but may give you advice.


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    Thanks for the advice. I'm using v1.9.3 on Ubuntu 10.04, and my dual monitor is set and works correctly (Screen 1 at 1280x800, Screen 2 at 800x600), but I haven't known yet how to configure OpenLP to handle both screens properly without doing steps I have explain above (when I restart OpenLP I must redo that).
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