Please include Song Search Feature

My version does not have a song search feature, but it seems openLP has had it in the past per the online help manual.  Having just downloaded a lot of songs from Church Library CDs, I am finding it unwieldy, though not impossible to find songs. Thanks in advance for considering this!


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    This feature is already included in Version 2. Media Manager


    As you can see under the songs tab there is the search box, just type your search and search until your heart is content!

    Thanks for trying out version 2.


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    Hi, I just found that Songs Search in my Lyrics songs profile.  Sweet!  And I like the way version 2.0 looks!

    Sorry, my request was for a search for AUDIO titles.  I was looking to find the names of the Audio files I just downloaded.  So many of my files have the CD number, then a dash, then a Church song number, and then finally the Audio Song Title.  It is hard to find the titles, and I would love to be able to use words in titles.

    Thank you!


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