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Hi, i used openlp 1.9.3 for the first time during a service the other day, and noticed a couple things.  for reference i'm using laptop with windows 7 x64 with office 2010


1. I connected to a projector after starting openlp and when i went into options to choose to display on the second monitor i couldn't choose it, i had to restart for it to find the projector.

2. i tried import a large section of scripture, (all of Genesis) the program didn't respond for about 15 minutes, maybe a pop up progress bar would be good if the size is over a certain amount

3. for displaying a powerpoint presentation it didn't seem to like the arrow keys for the first while, i had to use the mouse and suddenly about 5 minutes later the arrow keys started to work.

4. there seemed to be a bit of an issue using powerpoint when a slide had animations i had to click over to the pp viewer and then click on the slide to get the text to appear instead of arrows.

other than those 4 things it worked very nicely, only thing to improve it would be speed but that might be due to me having an older laptop that's lacking in RAM


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    Glad you are trying out OpenLP.

    1. Having to restart OpenLP would be the norm if you connect a projector while the program is in progress. Monitors/Projectors generally aren't thought as being so much plug 'n play.

    2. What format where you importing the scripture from? This could possibly be a bug but need a few more details.

    3 & 4 I am not so sure on powerpoint issues I will have to ask around on that one.



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