Color is inverted when replacing background

Hi again...
I'm using version 1.9.3+bzr1141 on Ubuntu Lucid. I found one thing that seems not working as it has to. I have many video backgrounds (mp4, avi, mpg). When I preview any of them, it plays normally, so does when it going live. But when I make a song live (has its own theme), and I choose any video to replace the background, I found that all my video play in inverted color (magenta/red becomes blue, vice versa). I tried to set "Use Phonon for video playback" on and off, but no result.
Is this another bug?


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    This is a known bug , I am unsure of any progress on it. From my understanding what is used to play the videos live vs what is used for the background is different and that is why one works and the other doesn't, I am experiencing the same issue. Just curious how do .wmv files work for you? I have had issues of them crashing openlp.

    Oh and also reporting that this bug affects you HERE could also help out.


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