PLEASE - Multiple display options

I've seen a few requests for support for more than one display other than the control monitor and the lyrics display.  This is my plea, along with an attempt to explain why, and to offer my assistance beta testing such a feature should you decide it rises to that level.

At our facility we have two screens on either side of the front of the sanctuary that we use for displaying the lyrics for the congregation, and of course images and video's a powerpoints from time to time.

Frequently, we have had occasion to have one thing displayed on one monitor up front (lyrics) and another on the other one up front. (maybe a video that goes with the song or some such thing.)

As you know, we can only send ONE item to the output screen at present, so if we need to do what I described, we make use of a second computer.  That is very inconvenient, but we do get by.

The vision that we have, is to be able to have TWO VIEWS of the lyrics that we can project.  One for the congregation that just shows the lyrics, we'd show that on the front screen(s).  The second would show the lyrics, along with the verse numbers, a little box in the upper right with the time, and at the bottom of the screen the stage personnel would see the first line of the next slide, in order to keep everyone up on what is next.

Having the eyes of the stage personnel up, either looking at the congregation or the screen at the back, has an amazing and noticeable impact on the involvement of the rest of the congregation - when compared to the same scenario, but with the stage personnel looking at a music stand, or a monitor on a seat in the front row.

And while I'm asking, it would be so awesome to have the option to display the CCLI and copyright info on just the last slide of a song instead of all of them.  That would give us more screen "real estate" for the lyrics, which is always good for the more experienced members of the congregation.  (older folks, wink!)

Thanks for any input and others feel free to chime in.

All for His Glory!


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    Firstly, you have posted exactly the same things 3 times. That does not endear you to the developers. I have deleted the other two posts.

    Secondly, as a development team, we have discussed more than 1 projector/display screen, and decided to delay that until a future release, probably version 2.2 (the next major release). The reason for this is that version 2.0 is a complete rewrite, there is no shared code whatsoever between 1.2 and 2.0.

    It has taken the developers more than 2 years just to get this far, and so they are understandably eager to get something out the door. Extending the features to include multiple displays only extends this release date even further.

    Remember that just because a feature is important to you doesn't mean it is important to everyone. The developers have to take everyone's needs and wants into account. With this in mind, the developers have had to very carefully select the features to include in this version so that they can deliver something that can be seen as an upgrade, but also does not cause OpenLP 2.0 to be in development for something like 5 years.

    If you would like to get involved in testing OpenLP, then please see the Getting Started section on the developer wiki.

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    In support of the developers, I have been involved with churches that uses 2 screens, one for the congregation and one for the singers; and I have NEVER heard of this sort of feature, nor have I heard any request for one. I really think this is an overly specialised feature that will receive little use within the church population. I would prefer to see a well-developed, stable OpenLP platform with the features that will receive the most use from the widest possible audience - and I think the developers have been working to that end.

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    I just want to clarify my comment above. I'm not throwing out your feature requests, we have had both a few times already, so they are stored along with the other feature requests. I'm just explaining why you won't see them in version 2.0.

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