FreeWorship, a easy-workship like freeware,build with C++ and QT

First, openlp is wonderful, thank the author. I learn much from it. But since it is built with Python and PyQT, it is a little slow and heavy.

I started a new project "FreeWorship", and this project used C++ and QT. It is very fast and light. It is free,too.

These days I am very busy. If anyone is interested in "FreeWorship", I will pay more attention on it.

God bless you!



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    um... Do you know that OpenLP is still alpha?

    Sorry, just because OpenLP is written in Python, this does not mean it is slow by default! When you think that OpenLP is too slow why don't you join the team and help out a bit? But just, saying that Python itself is slower than C++ is not an argument...

    1. From my point of view, it is senseless to start a project alone. There are dozens of projects, which have been started by one person, but have never finished... Furthermore, there are enough other projects which seem to be reached some kind of level, but are not developed any more.

    Just a random list:

    I do not want to say that there are bad or that they are not developed any more (maybe someone is working on them)... anyway...

    2. You are saying that your project is "freeware". Well, OpenLP is not freeware, it is free software. This is a difference! The ideas of those terms are opposed ones! As OpenLP is not only free software, we give it away gratis. However, you are comparing your project to easyworkship, which is neither free software nor freeware, rather a commercial product. Where is the link between OpenLP <-> FreeWorship and OpenLP <-> easyworkship?

    In my opinion, that kind of posts are destructive and demotivating. However, good luck with your poject. Be blessed in the Lord!

    To all fellows of OpenLP: The developers are working hard on OpenLP! The last alpha version (alpha 4) is to be released on 9th of January, as announced by raoul.


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    I want to thank each OpenLP staff member for serving the Lord and making my church's' worship experience much better.  You have a great program!

    Please do not undercut the work being done here!  Private messages to staff would be much more appropriate than posting to the entire website, I think.  Could you consider this in the future?  Thanks!


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    Technically, I'd actually say C++ and QT was probably a more heavyweight option than Python. As pointed out already, version 2 is in alpha and I'm sure if there's the potential for speed up as well, it'll be done before the final release.

    Since your project is new I also doubt it does nearly as much as Openlp does at the moment - and if it's got less to do then it may well be slightly faster as a side effect.

    Either way though, it's really common courtesy not to post demeaning this project just to promote your one...

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    When I've analized the problem I've found C++ + QT is ideal solution for multiplatform usage, but it's not easy to develop with QT (compared with C# for example :)).


    Yes, it's not enought to have just desire and understanding to start and finish the project.

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