Fails during import of v1.2.x bible

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This is getting to be a very sad saga - the inability to import Bibles that have imported to V1.2.x.

This is a "new" bug, but I suspect that it is actually another "version" of one that I reported some time ago against v1.9.3 (failure to import csv bible due to attempting to use a non-existant user - raoul's "my documents" folder.)


I see there are quite a number of other's commenting about problems with importing Bibles from various sources, so I'm not alone in this area.


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    Sir, please keep in mind this is an alpha version. The definition of alpha is as follows:

    A very early version of a software product that may not contain all of the features that are planned for the final version. Typically, software goes through two stages of testing before it is considered finished. The first stage, called alpha testing, is often performed only by users within the organization developing the software. The second stage, called beta testing, generally involves a limited number of external users.

    The development team has been generous enough to release their alpha versions to the public for testing, not for disparaging remarks. If you would like to help by reporting bugs which the team is continually investigating and fixing, please report them on the bug page.

    I for one am very pleased with the development of OpenLP so far and will continue testing in order to help, not hinder, what they are accomplishing.

    John Cegalis

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