Song in service list doesn't update

edited 12:47PM in Development

Found a problem with the new alpha release today (on Win 7). It's when you have added a song to the Service List and you notice a wrong spelling or something when you are live (probably if you aren't live too, don't know). If you change the wrong during the playing of the song, then the item in the service list doesn't get updated. I think I had to remove it first, and then add the updated one from the "songbook". That seems rather clumsy for me, wouldn't it be better if the song it the service list got updated directly? It's probably good though if you still would have to press the Live button to make the change go live.

Another neat feauture to have would be the possiblity for an "easy change" during worship time. That is, a possibility to change for example a misspelling by just correcting it without having to go the long way over Edit song. Maybe a good possibility would be to have the ability for easy change in the "Preview" area...


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