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Hi All, I have just tried to download the latest version from sourceforge.  THe problem is that i cannot open up the download - all I get is form to fill in from an advertiser.  Do I now have to fill this in before i can download openlp?  Is anyone else having nthis problem?  Anyone got any ideas?  I have tried to use the mirrors or the direct download, but get the same issue each time. Pleae help.


  • JTJT
    edited January 2011

    You can ignore the form.  Everything you need should be above the blue line in the very top part of the screen.

    Sourceforge should download the file automatically on that page unless you're running something like the Firefox NoScript plugin that turns off Javascript.  If the file doesn't automatically start click on the "direct link" link to get the file.

    Please let us know if you still experience issues.

    Thanks, Jon

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