Theme Creation Question

I'm working on a theme for our youth.  The image has a specific area that is good for the text to go. I created the image in Adobe Fireworks, and write down the x & y positions of the text area, along with it's height and width, and put those in for where the text should go in the theme, but it's not accurate when I test it.  Is it because I'm designing for a 1024x768 projection screen and testing on a 1440x900 resolution monitor, or what?


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    If you're using v1.2 then you would need to set your monitor to the same resolution as your target projection system.

    In v2, go to Settings -> Configure OpenLP. On the bottom right of the General tab you will see an option to override the Display Position, allowing you to test for the correct size.


    [Edit: Hmm, if I'd checked the Forum Topic you'd posted in, I would have spotted the v2! :)]

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